GastroPub on 4th St.

With a heavy heart we must announce the closure of Scholb Long Beach

This comes as unexpected to us as it does to you all.  Unfortunately, due to issues with our landlord that have been irreconcilable our doors will be closing. 

Long Beach residents may be aware that our neighbor Portfolio Coffee has temporarily closed and is relocating down the street.  For the last few years they fought with the landlord in court to exercise the option to renew their lease.  They ultimately won, but only after spending $100,000 in legal fees.  But even with the win they still had to leave because to stay for another 5 years would again require a legal battle.  Scholb has done nothing wrong, we have a valid lease with options to renew, but the landlord feels he can do whatever he wants and has the money to do it.  Scholb is not in a good position to start a legal battle, we lack the resources to fight or to relocate and feel it is better to step away and regroup.   

This is not the end for Scholb. The Torrance brewery and tap room remains open and we are planning increased distribution to many Long Beach bars and restaurants.  Eventually we even hope to open additional taprooms in the South Bay and surrounding areas.  While we wish things didn’t have to come to an end so abruptly in Long Beach, we look forward to the continued growth of our Torrance business and seeing your faces in our last few weeks! 

The last day of restaurant service will be Sunday August 21st, so please come out to support our staff one last time.

For Long Beach residents we feel the behavior of the landlord, Michael Salemi, is hurting 4th street and should not be allowed to repeat.  Please help us call Long Beach code enforcement at 562-570-2633 to halt any construction you may see.  He does not have any permits and does not intend to apply for them.  Next, if new tenants are observed viewing the property, tell them that leasing from this landlord would be a big mistake.  Our only hope is that this location remains empty for many months, and he is forced to sell.  Maybe a new owner who respects legal documents and city laws can take over and help rejuvenate the 4th St. area.

Thank you all for the support since October 2019 and we hope to see you again,