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Co Packing Opportunities

What is Co Packing?  It's where a start-up company works with a manufacturer to produce and package their new product so they can go to market with it and start gaining exposure and market share.

We make great beer at Scholb and have an inviting tap room, but ultimately we are a manufacturer of liquid products and we are exceedingly good at it.

If you are just starting up and working in a commercial kitchen or even from home, Scholb may be able to help you grow to the next level.


Our facility is USDA and Organic certified.  Current packaging options are 16oz aluminum cans and 8 to 32 oz gable top cartons.  All stainless steel equipment to cook, refrigerate, mix or grind.  Our Chemical Engineer and Head Brewer will find a solution to produce your product as efficiently as possible.  


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